Get Ready for the Lackadaisy Book Set and Plushes!

by Iron Circus Comics

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Once the pride of St. Louis' swingin' Prohibition Era, shabby little speakeasy Lackadaisy is barely hanging on in 1927. Hidden under the unassuming Little Daisy Cafe and run by the widowed and strong-willed Mitzi May, Lackadaisy still holds its own in a rough-and-ready world... but for how much longer? Will tenacity, class, and a little bit of crazy be enough to ensure the survival of Mitzi and her gang?

Coming soon to Backerkit: Keepsake collected editions of the cult classic, Eisner Award-nominated webcomic by the iconic Tracy Butler! Stylish hardcovers, as well as very limited edition plushies! DON'T MISS OUT!

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