Magnetic-Con'23 Annual Book and VIP Loot Box

Magnetic-Con'23 Annual Book and VIP Loot Box

Can't make it to SDCC? Our "virtual convention booth" is filled with insanely discounted books, tabletop games, and collectibles, plus our NEW 2023 Annual Book and VIP LOOT BOX!

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The big ol' San Diego Comic-Con is happening this week, but you can still get in on the hottest ticket from anywhere in the world -- remote access to Magnetic Press’s VIRTUAL convention booth filled with exclusive and limited edition items available only during our second annual MAGNETIC-CON campaign!


Conceptually, MAGNETIC-CON is a celebration of the best graphic novels and art books published by Magnetic Press, featuring past, present, and future titles that showcase some of the most creatively inspiring talent and projects from around the world.

Panel from ADRASTEA by Mathieu Bablet

In actuality, MAGNETIC-CON is simply our way of hosting an annual event for fans regardless of location, with exclusive content and swag to complete the "attendee experience!" This includes the second volume of our annual Con Book, new branded attendee badges and lanyards, fashionable event Tees, and a limited-edition VIP Loot Box filled with awesome collectible items that will only be available through this online campaign event! PLUS, like a good, well-stocked convention booth, you'll have access to a slew of over 200 ADD-ONS from our celebrated back catalog at HUGE DISCOUNTS (up to 60% OFF!)

This is not a real convention per se -- no live in-person location, no panels, no costume contests, no special screenings, etc -- just one awesome online event full of hot exclusive stuff! It's like having a Comic-Con booth, but online so anyone can participate!
Panel from FALSE GUARD by Merwan

Repeat: This is not an actual convention -- this campaign is simply our "virtual convention booth" offering our newest annual Art Book and collectibles themed around this (made-up) event.

Panel from STREAMLINER by 'Fane

Exclusive MAGNETIC-CON 2023 ANNUAL Book

Headlining the MAGNETIC-CON offerings is the MAGNETIC-CON 2023 BOOK, a "Convention Art and Activity Book" featuring 64 pages of new comics, tabletop gaming resources, exciting artwork, interviews with some of Magnetic’s most popular creators, as well as a sneak peek at some of the exciting projects currently in the works!  

Featuring a cover by the legendary ZACH HOWARD (Hellboy, Wild Blue Yonder) and back cover by TORU TERADA (Small World, Black Box Chronicles), this 64-page, perfect-bound softcover is more than your usual convention program book – it’s more like a premium Magnetic Press Annual filled with artist spotlights, galleries, and new original CREATIVE CONTENT, including:

  • An original 12-page BLACK BOX comic story by Caio Oliveira
  • Spotlight galleries on  Georges Bess, Sergio Toppi, and Zach Howard
  • A look at our next BIG TABLETOP RPG (based on a major property!)
  • A sneak peek at our big Osamu Tezuka tribute project
  • Some brand new tabletop Role Playing resources (including a complete micro-RPG!)
  • A peek at five exciting new titles coming up in the next year
  • ...and a FREE old-school 8-bit BLACK BOX video game link!



To supplement you "attendee" experience, each copy of the MAGNETIC-CON 2023 BOOK includes an exclusive 2023 lanyard and badge!

These designs are unique to this year's event, showing that you truly are Magnetic.

Panel from HALF-BLOOD by Hubert and Gatignol

Limited Edition VIP LOOT BOX

For an even more inclusive experience, 250 lucky fans can pledge at the VIP Tier to receive a motherlode of awesome exclusive loot! This tier includes not only the MAGNETIC-CON 2023 BOOK and Lanyard but also a premium VIP Loot Box filled with collectible items produced for this event that will not be available anywhere else!

(Items not shown to actual correct scale to each other.)

Each deluxe printed VIP Box will contain a copy of the 2023 CON BOOK, a Lanyard and Badge, and the following exclusive items inside a cool printed VIP box:

  • A premium 1.75” golden metal Cyber Coin (future money!)
  • A luxurious Etched Metal Bookmark 
  • One transparent plastic  Ambassadors Club Card with (unique individual member number!)
  • A foil pack of 18 trading cards (including a random webstore discount code worth 15-35% off!)

Each box will contain TWO (or more) FULL BOOKS selected from our celebrated catalog. There are TEN DIFFERENT COLLECTION THEMES TO CHOOSE FROM:

  1. The TOPPI Box: Includes The Collected Toppi vol.1 - The Enchanted World and Toppi's Bestiary by Sergio Toppi
  2. The GUNLAND Box: Includes the complete Gunland series, vols 1-3, by Captain Artiglio
  3. The STREAMLINER Box: Includes the complete Streamliner series, vols 1-2, by 'Fane
  4. The HORROR Box: Includes Daomu by Kennedy Xu and Ken Chou and Fraternity by Juan Diaz Canales and José-Luis Munuera
  5. The MAGNETIC CLASSICS Box: Includes Doomboy by Tony Sandoval and Luminae by Bengal
  6. The CYBER Box: Includes Ghost Money Omnibus by Smolderen and Bertail and Zaya by JD Morvan and Huang-Jia Wei
  7. The ANIMAL ALLY Box: Includes Letters from Animals by Brremaud and Rigano and Waluk by Ruiz and Miralles
  8. The ZELPHIRE Box: Includes the complete Rise of the Zelphire series, vol 1-3, by Karim Friha
  9. The APOCALYPSE Box: Includes After the Fall by Queyssi and Juzhen and Ashes Ashes by JD Morvan and Rey Macutay
  10. The EXISTENTIAL Box: Includes Pistouvi by Merwan and Gatignol and The Big Empty Life of Alphonse Tabouret by Sibylline, Capucine and d'Aviau

*** LIMITED TO ONLY 250 COPIES! *** Over $120 worth of loot for only$65! 

Box selection will be made in Pledge Manager after the campaign.

Panel from TEMUDJIN by Ozanam and Carrion


What convention experience would be complete without an official Convention Tee?

These quality cotton Tees feature our unique, official MAGNETIC-CON 2023 designs, and will only be available during this campaign as part of the Book+Tee tier or as an Add-on to any pledge level (including VIP).

These will be rewarded as vouchers good for one Tee of any size , color, or design to be ordered from our webstore and fulfilled directly from Printful. There will be multiple material blends and color combinations to choose from.

Panel from GIANTESS by Deveney and Tamarit



The target goal of this campaign is meant to cover the costs of the campaign-exclusive offerings -- the lanyard and badge, etc. Anything raised above that goal will help us continue to bring even more amazing graphic novels and art books to your bookshelf in 2024 and beyond! (And we have some GREAT stuff already in the works for 2024!)



ADD-ONS (build-your-own-con-haul!)


As if the CON BOOK, the Badge and Lanyard, the VIP Loot Box, and the assortment of Tees weren’t enough, your pledge will also give you access to our expansive “virtual booth” full of backlist titles and rare collectibles from our archives! Missed out on some collectible stretch goal items from previous Kickstarter campaigns? We’ve collected the rare remainders so that you can have another crack at them! DOZENS of our hottest LOW STOCK items and DEEP DISCOUNTS (up to 60% off!) will be available to supplement your haul in the Pledge Manager. 

ALL OF THESE ITEMS (AND MORE!) will be available to add to your order in the Pledge Manager after the campaign:

("VERY LOW STOCK!" indicates less than 50 available, in some cases less than 10 copies remain! "*" indicates award nominees.)

  • *1000 STORMS, by Tony Sandoval:  $12.00  -52%  off!
  • 50 ANIMATED YEARS OF LUPIN THE 3rd:  $30.00  -25% off!
  • ADRASTEA, by Mathieu Bablet:  $25.00  -17% off! -- [VERY LOW STOCK!]
  • BLACK COMIX RETURNS:  $18.00  -40% off! -- [VERY LOW STOCK!]
  • *BLACK WATER LILIES, by Duval, Bussi, and Cassegrain:  $25.00  -17% off! -- [VERY LOW STOCK!]
  • CARBON & SILICON, by Mathieu Bablet:  $25.00  -17% off! -- [VERY LOW STOCK!]
  • MONOLITH, by LRNZ and Recchioni (foil variant cover): $15.00  -50% off! -- [VERY LOW STOCK!] 
  • NAJA, by JD Morvan and Bengal:  $20.00  -33% off!  -- [VERY LOW STOCK!] 
  • SHANGRI-LA, by Mathieu Bablet: $25.00  -17% off! -- [VERY LOW STOCK!] 
  • SMALL WORLD, by Morvan and Terada (Peach Momoko cover): $18.00  -40% off!
  • TEMUDJIN, by Ozanam and Carrion: $25.00  -29% off! 
  • THE ART OF CARBON GREY, by Hoang Nguyen: $20.00  -33% off -- [VERY LOW STOCK!] 
  • THE COLLECTED TOPPI vol. 1: THE ENCHANTED WORLD, by Sergio Toppi: $18.00  -28% off!
  • THE COLLECTED TOPPI vol. 3: SOUTH AMERICA by Sergio Toppi: $18.00  -28% off!
  • THE COLLECTED TOPPI Vol. 9: THE OLD WORLD by Sergio Toppi: $18.00  -28% off!
  • THE MONKEY KING: THE COMPETE ODYSSEY Paperback, by Chaiko: $25.00  -17% off! 
  • THE TOPPI GALLERY: BESTIARY, by Sergio Toppi: $18.00  -28% off! 
  • THE TOPPI GALLERY: SCENES FROM THE BIBLE, by Sergio Toppi: $18.00  -28% off! 
  • THE WALL, by Charreyron and Alberti: $12.00  -60% off!
  • TRAPPED ON ZARKASS, by Yann and Cassegrain: $20.00  -33% off! 
  • VIEWPOINT DX Edition, by LRNZ: $15.00  -50% off! 
  • WAHCOMMO, by Luis NCT (Karl Kerschl variant cover): $15.00  -50% off!
  • ZAYA (Paperback edition), by JD Morvan and Hoang-Jia Wei: $12.00  -52% off!

Deluxe Editions, Slipcases, and Boxed Sets:

  • 50 ANIMATED YEARS OF LUPIN THE 3rd (Deluxe Slipcase Edition):  $60.00  -20% off!
  • *LITTLE TAILS SERIES Boxed Set: $60.00  -40% off   -- [VERY LOW STOCK!] 
  • *LOVE SERIES Boxed Set: $60.00 -40% off  -- [VERY LOW STOCK!] 
  • LUMINAE Slipcase Edition, by Bengal: $30.00  -33% off! -- [VERY LOW STOCK!] 
  • ORPHANS Boxed Set (vols 1-4): $50.00  -38% off! -- [VERY LOW STOCK!] 
  • SHANGRI-LA / CARBON & SILICON Slipcase Edition: $64.00  -20% off! -- [VERY LOW STOCK!] 

Series Bundles:

  • *HERAKLES v1-3 (Bundle), by Edouard Cour: $45.00  -25% off! -- [VERY LOW STOCK!] 
  • JAZZ MAYNARD v1+2 (Bundle), by Roger and Raule: $25.00  -47% off! -- [VERY LOW STOCK!]
  • STREAMLINER v1+2 (Bundle), by 'Fane: $20.00  -60% off!
  • THE BALLAD OF YAYA v1-9 (Bundle), by Marty, Omont, Girard, and Zhao: $50.00  -56% off! 
  • WARSHIP JOLLY ROGER vol1+2 (Bundle), by Runberg and Montllo: $25.00  -47% off!


  • *CARBON GREY RPG Deluxe Boxed Set: $100.00  -33% off!
  • CARBON GREY: The Role Playing Game Core Rule Book: $30.00  -25% off!
  • KLAW: WERE-WARS Core Game Set: $20.00  -50% off!
  • KLAW: WERE-WARS The Forgotten Expansion Set: $15.00  -50% off!
  • THE WORLD OF CASSYNO World/Rule Book + Poker Deck by Bengal: $15.00  -36% off! 


You'll find SO MUCH MORE in the Pledge Manager after the campaign! Categories include:

  • Even MORE recent book releases and insanely-discounted Backlist Hits... up to %60 off! 😲 
  • Limited Edition linen cardstock prints by hot artists including Peach Momoko and Karl Kerschl. Very few copies left!
  • Rare Bonus Sketchbooks for titles such as PARIS 2119, ASTER OF PAN, SMALL WORLD, SHANGRI-LA, and more! Very limited quantities left! 
  • Past campaign Challenge Coins – looking to fill a gap in your collection? Now’s your chance to complete your set! 
  • Rare remaining soundtrack vinyl singles from ASTER OF PAN, SMALL WORLD, and SHANGRI-LA!
  • Plus an assortment of other previous campaign stretch goal items and bundles, including lapel pins, patches, postcards, and bookmarks! 

Panel from THE WALL by Chareyron and Alberti
NOTE: Digital editions of all print items will also be available as Add-ons in the Pledge Manager after the campaign. Digital files will be provided as PDFs via either Gumroad, DriveThru, or directly through Backerkit depending on the title. Digital copies are NOT included with physical add-on purchases.



When we launched Magnetic Press in 2014, we had one goal in mind: to bring some of the coolest books and amazing artists in the world to print in the US.  And now, as we roll forward, we want to bring you, the discerning readers, collectors, and avid supporters, along for the ride, and to reward you for that support.

Panel from BLACK WATER LILIES by Bussi, Duval, and Cassegrain

By pledging at the VIP level, you'll receive a semi-transparent plastic membership card with your unique membership number! As we build the Ambassadors Club program, you'll be registered for any special offers, promotional freebies, and exclusive access to future Magnetic Press projects and events!

We need you to be our Ambassadors in the world. 

If you have purchased from our webstore or supported any of our previous pre-sale campaigns on Kickstarter or Backerkit, you may already be familiar with our Ambassador Points Program, a fun way to earn rewards for your support through a number of different activities. These points are good for discount codes, gift cards, and soon, a wide selection of exclusive, members-only, limited-edition items that will only be purchasable with points!
So to get you started (if you're not already a member), in addition to your pledge tier rewards, ALL BACKERS WILL RECEIVE AN EQUIVALENT NUMBER OF AMBASSADOR POINTS AS THEIR TOTAL PLEDGE VALUE. If you aren't familiar with our Ambassador Point program, visit our webstore for more information.
Panel from CURTAIN CALL by Lupano and Rodguen

Unlockable Incentives

While this event will be a short 6-days, if enough people come for the ride, we'll implement these product upgrades if we hit certain milestones:

  •  $15k: Con Book sized up from 6x9" to comic-size (6.625 x 10.1875")
  •  $25k: Con Book sized up to magazine-size (8.5x11") 

Panel from THE COLLECTED TOPPI vol.1 by Sergio Toppi


Panel from TRAPPED ON ZARKASS by Yan and Cassegrain

This project ships worldwide. That means Customs-friendly delivery with VAT accounted for prior to shipping.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The pledge prices listed DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING OR VAT, which will be calculated and applied in the Pledge Manager when you fill out the final survey after the campaign. This helps us ensure sufficient postage is collected without overcharging you with unspecific estimates upfront. Trust us – with shipping rates fluctuating as rapidly as they have for the last 2 years, this is best for everyone!

Final rates will be calculated based on actual weights and current postage rates AT THE TIME OF CAMPAIGN CLOSURE, but as of today's estimates, you can expect a 5-6lb order (~2 books plus extras) to be somewhere in these ballpark ranges:

  • EU/UK: $26-28
  • CANADA: $22-27
  • JAPAN/CHINA/ASIA: $28-36

Lesser weights may come in a bit lower, and heavier packages may come in higher, but we will do our best to offer the most reasonable rates available at the time of fulfillment.

Global Shipping conditions continue to make international shipping rates and delivery times somewhat unpredictable. While we have built our schedule with what should be ample padding for unforeseen delays, things happen. We will do our best to be prepared for anything that could impact our shipping estimates.
Panel from ASHES ASHES by Morvan and Macutay



This will be a very short 6-day campaign with a quick turnaround! 

When this Kickstarter ends on July 24th, we will transition quickly to open up the pledge manager here on Backerkit where you will be able to shop for extra add-ons and complete your order. Because Backerkit can take up to 2 weeks to complete pledge collection, your Pledge Manager invitation/surveys will be sent on or before August 11th.

The pledge manager will then remain open for only one week! Depending on when the surveys are actually sent out, orders will be locked on  or around August 18th and any balance due (eg. shipping) is expected to be charged on Monday August 21st.  At that point, orders will be locked for packing and fulfillment.

Everything should be well in our hands by that lock date so that we can start shipping orders by the end of August or early September! 

This includes all International orders! 😊 Everyone will get their stuff shipped at the same time, regardless of location!

Panel from HARD MELODY by Lu Ming

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