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Nightmare-Chan soft vinyl toy

Nightmare-Chan soft vinyl toy

Bringing my first soft vinyl toy, Nightmare-Chan to life!

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When a wizard mistranslated a spell to rid himself of fear, he accidentally summoned Nightmare-Chan when he mistranslated an ancient scroll. Nightmare-Chan does eat fear, but it also eats the fearful person in the process. 

Even though Nightmare-Chan looks for scared individuals to feast upon, this yokai can become a fierce protector of you and your dreams - if you can learn to embrace fear as a compass that leads you towards things you want to do but are too afraid to. Let your irrational fear take over though, and all bets are off!

Nightmare-Chan is a soft vinyl nightmare that represents our irrational fear that keeps us from chasing our dreams and building the most authentic life possible for ourselves. I hope this little demonic friend will be a reminder to never settle and to reckon with your fears and learn that it is actually your friend. 

The molds have been paid for and are in-hand, and now I'm looking to bring Nightmare-Chan to life in five different colorways. 
Nightmare-Chan is a 5" soft vinyl monster that has three points of articulation. He's also got an extra mouth on the back of his head for extra fear devouring.

I've gotten test pulls made, and these are the colorways I've settled on!

The Night Terror tier (the Marbled Yellow/Aqua and the Marbled Red Glow/Black) will be campaign exclusives, so the run size will be limited to what y'all order! I'm personally pretty stoked on the Marbled Red Glow/Black, as the mad genius at Mile High Sofubi put green glow powder in the red vinyl, causing it to have a wild color shift in the dark/under black light.

Also, friendly reminder: due to the hand poured nature of vinyl marbling, expect significant variation from what you see above.  


Beyond the toys in the five colorways above, we've got extra merch for all of you Nightmare-Chan aficionados.

I'll be releasing a 1.65" soft enamel pin and a screen-printed t-shirt (and while I know clothing has no gender, the shirts can come in women's or unisex cuts). Each can be added on or pledged for by themselves!

The toys can be bought individually, but if you want a set, you can save some $ by doing so, whether it's the Bad Dream colorway set, the Night Terror campaign exclusive colorway sets, or one of each in the Collector's Set! I've also got a pledge tier for toy stores and other resellers! 

Each toy will come with a plastic bag and a header card (even if the packaging upgrade stretch goals are met).

All backers who get a toy will also get all stretch goals that get met!

There is also an add-on tier for $13 that you'll only ever see if you pledge.. for super fans of Nightmare-Chan only. 

Also, since Nightmare-Chan is all about learning to befriend your fear, and my day job is coaching people to live more authentic lives through learning to befriend their inner monsters, I also am opening up space for a new client or two!

Check out all the pledge tiers here:

Some extra notes:

All pledge tiers - Shipping is NOT included, and will be charged when I lock orders.

Est. shipping for US-based backers: $5 for 1-3 toys, $11 for the collector's set.
Est. shipped for non-US-based backers: $20 for 1-3 toys, $40 for the collector's set.

Toy Customizer Set - You can choose your five toys in any color mix from the Bad Dream colors - but you'll receive unassembled, rough-trimmed vinyl. You'll have to trim the arms, neck, and the three insertion ports on the body. If you do not want to learn how to trim and assemble toys, please do not choose this tier.

Collector's Set -  You'll receive one of each colorway offered, plus a pin and a shirt.

Retail Set - You can choose any spread of toys from any of the campaign colorways. Want 10 marbled aqua and yellow? 5 magenta and 5 glow lime? You choose! They'll come bagged ready for resale along with 10 enamel pins!

Inner Monster Coaching - You'll get a single toy of any color, a pin, a shirt, and 4 hour-long sessions of life coaching via Zoom (usually $800). I've coached hundreds of creatives, executives, solopreneurs, and rad humans like yourself towards living more authentic lives, and have space for three more clients. 

If the y'all love Nightmare-Chan as much as I do and we blow past our funding goal, I'll be adding on extra options and fun upgrades.

At $2,800 I'll produce an additional red variant of the enamel pin that you can add on or switch to.
At $3,100 everyone who orders a toy will get an additional pin!
At $3,400 I'll upgrade packaging to a screen printed burlap bag (don't worry, you'll still get the header card), and
At $3,700 it'll be a red burlap bag.
If we make it to $4,000, I've got a surprise for everyone who picks up a toy! 

The molds are already in the hands of Mile High Sofubi's capable factory, so once the campaign concludes in the end of July, surveys should go out quickly and once they're locked, we should be able to quickly move on to production. 

While the figures are being cooked up, I'll be getting the shirts and pins made, and will get production on the packaging going. 

All in all, I should be ready to ship out in September. 

I will also be vending at the Seaside Oddities Expo in Ventura, CA on Sept. 30 + October 1st, so if you plan to attend, there will be "pickup at Seaside Odd ities" options to save on shipping if you're really patient and are in no hurry.


I've already paid for the molds, and we have them in hand.

I've owned a screen printing business before, so I know how to source shirts and (if we get our stretch goals met) print bags. 

I've worked with my enamel pin factory for seven years now, and have gotten thousands of pins made from them (including my last campaign on BackerKit). 

I've successfully fulfilled 6 different crowdfunding campaigns, so this isn't my first rodeo. 

Really, there are few risks besides catastrophic weather, pandemics, or creator/manufacture death that would get in the way of the rewards being created or fulfilled. Morbid, but true. 

Heyo, thanks for reading this far!

The quick bio - my name is Rick, and I'm a dark artist who focuses on worldbuilding and uses monsters as metaphors for the parts of ourselves that we're scared of or dislike, and the genre of horror as metaphors for life lessons and morality tales.

During the day I coach people towards finding their most authentic self, whether that's fulfilling a creative need, finding a thriving career, or befriending their Inner Monsters and living the life they dream of. Meanwhile, I've funded six crowdfunding campaigns (5 on Kickstarter, one here on BackerKit), and I'm here asking you to make my dream of having my own vinyl toy come true.

Ever since discovering the designer toy scene at DesignerCon years ago, I found myself immediately drawn to the soft vinyl monster makers and immediately wanted to design my own. After years of learning sculpting, mold making, resin casting, and vinyl toy painting, I finally took the leap to mix my day job (coaching people on living their most authentic lives through learning to work with their irrational fears) with my art by creating Nightmare-Chan. 

The molds have been cast (literally), and now I'm looking for your help to bring Nightmare-Chan and what he represents to the world at large. 

Thanks and let's make some monsters!

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