Shadowdark Character Cards

Shadowdark Character Cards

This is a collection of 48 pre-generated characters to use with the Shadowdark RPG. Shadowdark RPG blends D&D 5E streamlined play with D&D 1E style and focuses on gritty, dangerous adventures.

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This is a poker-card sized deck of 48 pre-generated level 1 Shadowdark character cards.

The front side has full-color character art and a quick biography, and the back has statistics and equipment.

Shadowdark RPG is an old-school RPG, similar to D&D's Basic Set (1E D&D), using D&D 5E's modern, streamlined design.

The deck is mostly humans, with some dwarves, halflings, and elves. There are a handful of goblins and half-orcs to round things out.

All characters were randomly generated according to Shadowdark's rules, including money for starting equipment.


Our other RPG works include the D&D 5E Organized Play adventures Chaos in the City of Splendors, Spears of Glip Dak: Four Adventures, Swords of the Moonsea: Five Adventures, Streams of Crimson, The Dark Hunt, The White Well, Blue Scales, Citadel of Vlaakith, Scales of Justice, and numerous other modules. Our non-Organized Play D&D 5E work includes Adûl, City of Gold, The Black Lotus of Thalarion, The Dream Prison, Ghoul Cove, Careless Adventurer's Guide to Hazards, Descent Into Mirefen, Temple of Misfortune, The Waxwyrm Bounties, and other publications.


Our lead designer, William Murakami-Brundage, did character creation, card design, and card layout. Character art was done by Carl Hendrix (elves, goblins, half-orcs, and humans) and Yara de Mauro (dwarves and halflings.) 

Print on demand card decks are fulfilled by DriveThruRPG. Backers receive a one-time code for a deck of print-on-demand (POD) cards. POD backers are responsible for a small printing and shipping fee, and DriveThruRPG prints and ships their cards. This is the most cost-efficient method we've found to get cards to our backers.

If you're unfamiliar with DriveThruRPG's print-on-demand, the deck costs are approx. $13 + shipping per deck for books in the USA. Of this, $4 is collected via Kickstarter, and approx. $9 is collected by DriveThruRPG per card deck for printing. These decks retail for $15.99 + shipping, so you save by backing us on Kickstarter.

Additional costs may be incurred from customers in the EU or customers impacted by UK shipping tariffs. Please check with your local post offices, as these situations vary by region and package details.

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Shadowdark Character Cards is an independent product published under the Shadowdark RPG Third-Party License and is not affiliated with The Arcane Library, LLC. Shadowdark RPG © 2023 The Arcane Library, LLC
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