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πŸ’« StarKid Returns

πŸ’« StarKid Returns

After a few years in cryosleep, Team StarKid is back and ready to kick it into warp speed! πŸš€ We're launching a huge slate of new projects including a πŸ§ͺ creative incubator, a πŸͺ© holiday concert tour, and a new πŸͺ“ Hatchetfield musical!

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πŸ’« StarKid Returns

After a few years in cryosleep, πŸ’« Team StarKid is back and ready to kick it into warp speed! πŸš€ We're launching a huge slate of THREE new projects that we think you'll be over the moon about! 🌝
The last time we did anything like this was in 2019, our biggest year ever when we produced 🌟 StarKid Homecoming and 🎁 Black Friday. But this time around, we've got even more in store! 😱 

We're super excited about making these new projects since they feature the 🎡 music, πŸ˜‚ comedy, and πŸ’œ heart you've come to love from all of us here at StarKid! πŸ’› But we can't do it without you! We hope you'll join us and become a backer to make this next chapter of StarKid bigger and better than ever!


πŸͺ© The Jangle Ball Tour

This holiday season, you are cordially invited to rock out at the StarKid Jangle Ball!! After a decade-long hiatus, we’re hitting the road again! But this year, we’ve been naughty and nice, so we’re delivering an evening of iconic StarKid villain songs AND a concert rendition of A VHS Christmas Carol that you won’t wanna miss!

πŸ—“οΈ Tour Dates: December 2022
πŸ“ Tour Stops: Boston (December 2 – House of Blues), Philadelphia (December 3 – Theatre of Living Arts), New York City (December 4 – Irving Plaza), Chicago (December 8 – Reggies Chicago), Ann Arbor (December 11 – The Blind Pig), Los Angeles (December 16 – The Belasco), San Francisco (December 17 – Social Hall)

πŸ“£ Directed by: James Tolbert & Corey Lubowich

πŸ€“ Nerdy Prudes Must Die

Nerdy Prudes Must Die is a teen-slasher comedy about a group of geeks and their ghostly tormentor from the creators of The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals and Black Friday. When the biggest losers at Hatchetfield High unwittingly complete an ancient, evil ritual, they unleash an all- powerful, angry spirit with a grudge against nerds. That’s when Stephanie Lauter, Grace Chasity, and a cast of social rejects must fight to save themselves and nerdy prudes everywhere. But can any of them survive the fury of a bully from beyond the grave?

πŸ—“οΈ Performances: February 16– February 25, 2023
πŸ“ Venue: El Portal Theatre, North Hollywood, CA

✏️ Written by: Nick Lang & Matt Lang
Music & Lyrics by: Jeff Blim
πŸ“£ Directed by: Nick Lang
Associate Producer: Dylan Saunders
🎧 Music Director: Matt Dahan
Featuring:Β  Bryce Charles as Detective Shapiro, Corey Dorris as Solomon Lauter, Mariah Rose Faith as Stephanie Lauter, Angela Giarratana as Grace Chasity, Lauren Lopez as Ruth Fleming, Jon Matteson as Richie Lipschitz, and Joey Richter as Peter Spankoffski.


πŸ§ͺ SK Labs

We are Team StarKid and we believe in science. Which is why we are launching SK Labs, a place where we can probe the mysteries of our universe through new experimental projects that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. SK Labs will be a workshop and creative incubator for new ideas, new collaborators, and new formats, the likes of which you’ve never seen before! Because we’re mad! MAD I tell you!!

For Cycle 1 of SK Labs, we're excited to present three new projects!


A new anthology series

Space Baby
follows the intergalactic adventures of a timeless, telepathic tot on a quest to discover the origins of existence itself. Each anthology episode of Space Baby will feature the work of a diverse array of artists, from writers and directors, to animators and composers, all forming the programming that our titular Intergalactic Infant will consume in its endless quest to unlock the mysteries of the universe. It’s Sesame Street meets David Lynch. Yeah. It’s gonna get weird.

πŸ“‹ Produced & 🎨 Created by:
Jaime Lyn Beatty & Curt Mega


A new one-act comedy play reading

Every morning, Trent clocks in at, a tech startup where feeds training data into a machine learning algorithm, works through lunch, and is the last one in the office before he clocks out and goes home. Day in and day out, Trent never seems to be able to make a dent in the data or get ahead at work despite sacrificing his personal life to do so. But that all changes when the algorithm he’s been teaching seems to take on a life of its own. Sissy is an absurdist comedy about a modern gay Sisyphus, our increasingly fragmented views of pop culture, and our outlandish expectations that AI will be the solution to very human problems.

✏️ Written by: Corey Lubowich
πŸ“£ Directed by Corey Dorris
πŸ“‹ Produced by Tammy Babich


A new podcast

A new podcast from Lauren Lopez that will definitely be figured out by the time it airs! (She was told two very different timelines for when she had to have this all figured out, but THAT'S OK WE'LL DO IT LIVE!) Each episode will definitely feature a very special guest and the following classic segments:
πŸ—£ Hosted & Created by: Lauren Lopez


πŸ‘• Rewards

We can't make our big return without you! Which is why we're offering some exclusive and totally awesome rewards. You'll get the five new projects to enjoy PLUS cool swag. It's a win-win!

*Final reward designs subject to change*

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⏰ Timeline & Shipping

This is the approximate timeline of what we're aiming for! But of course, all dates are subject to change as things move forward.

September 2022Β  – πŸ—“οΈ Campaign Starts
OctoberΒ  2022 –  πŸ—“οΈ Campaign Ends
DecemberΒ  2022 –  πŸͺ© Jangle Ball Tour Live Shows (Dates & Cities TBA)
DecemberΒ  2022 –  Reward Surveys Sent Out
FebruaryΒ  2023 –  πŸ€“ Nerdy Prudes Must Die Live Shows
March 2023 – πŸ“¦ Lock Shipping Addresses & Charge Shipping Costs Β Β 
SpringΒ  2023 –  πŸ§ͺ SK Labs Project Premieres (πŸ›ΈSpace Baby, πŸŽ€Sissy, πŸŽ™This Title Is Permanent!)
Late Spring 2023 – 🎁 Approximate Reward Delivery

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🌟 About StarKid

β€œA viral sensation”
β€” Vanity Fair

StarKid Productions* is a comedic musical theatre company that lives on the internet, producing hilarious parodies (A Very Potter Musical, Holy Musical [email protected]!, Twisted), spooky musical-comedies (The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals, Black Friday), and meme-worthy moments (Firebringer) since 2009, when our show A Very Potter Musical went viral on YouTube.

β€œThe future of musical theater”
β€” The Chicago Tribune

In the 13 years since, StarKid has produced 11 full length musicals. (including parodies of Disney, Star Wars, Batman, and The Oregon Trail), devised nightmarish live readings and digital episodes, reimagined a Christmas favorite with a retro, musical twist, gone on national concert tours, had 12 albums on Billboard’s Top Cast Album Chart, created two sketch shows with The Second City in Chicago, and performed at conventions, meeting fans all over the world.

β€” Entertainment Weekly

Individually, members of StarKid have gone on to star in Broadway shows like Book of Mormon and Sunset Boulevard, been on TV in Glee, American Crime Story, and The Flash, written their own books, plays, music, films, and more!

You might also recognize our work in these popular reaction gifs and memes:

*The name "StarKid comes from this line in A Very Potter Musical!