Catplay | An Enamel Pin Collection

Catplay | An Enamel Pin Collection

Grab your cat, grab your dice and come adventure with us. Dungeons & Cats series one. This adventuring felines are an enamel pin series features our favorite heroes on an EPIC quest through the forests of the Feline Realms. Beware your path, or you may find yourself face-to-face with the most fearsome monsters. Join them on this adventure and collect all ten fluffy felines.

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Cosmic Kristen Designs

Hello! I'm Kristen - a rocket scientist and creator. I've dabbled in enamel pins since spring of 2019 when I made my first Fantasy pin featuring my favorite characters Baymax and Pua. Since then I've created over 70 enamel pins and am looking forward to continue to expand my designs. In addition to creating my own enamel pin designs I have a collection of well over 1000 pins from across the world!

If you'd like to see my previous work please check out my StoreInstagram or  Facebook.

The Project

D&D, and other tabletop games, are a new-found adventure for me and my significant other. We've found a small group of co-workers and I've found a love for painting tabletop minis. With this new foray into tabletop gaming I've combined my other love - CATS - with some of our most loveable characters. Weather you're a TTG too, or just someone who loves a good cat in costume, welcome and thank you as always for your support.

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  • Your pledge unlocks new designs. Even if the design you like is still locked, your pledge brings us a step closer to unlocking it. Please pledge for ALL of the items you'd like even if they aren't unlocked yet. Your pledge helps us get to the next goal.
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  • You choose which pin(s) you would like at the end of the campaign. You'll receive a survey where you may pick the designs you want from this campaign and submit your shipping address.
  • Additional pins are available in all pledge tiers. If you pledge for a single pin, you may add on as many additional pins as you'd like by simply adding to your existing pledge. For example, if you've pledged for 1 pin at $10 a pin, but decide you'd like 3, simple change your pledge to $30. See your pledge tier for you per pin price.

The Collection


The Goals


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All shipping will be charged after the campaign is over. Your pledges do not include shipping costs. 

  • USA: Pins will be packaged in a bubble mailer USPS First Class or Priority depending on the weight. For orders with more items, they may be shipped in a small box. All US shipments will come with tracking.
  • Canada: Pins will be packaged and sent via USPS international first class mail.
  • International: Your shipment will be sent via USPS First Class International with tracking. Please note you'll be responsible for any customs/VAT fees that may occur. It is illegal for me to change the price or mark the items as a gift on the customs form. Currently, shipping is NOT available to the UK if pledged through Kickstarter.
  • UK/Other If your country is not available on the Kickstarter shipping you have two options, message me and if possible I will add it. If it is not possible due to customs/VAT pledge to the $1 price guarantee. I will reach out to you personally with a custom Esty listing.
  • Due to the ongoing pandemic, shipping times are not guaranteed. Please ensure your country is accepting packages when you pledge. Please message me if you would like me to hold your package to be shipped at a later time.

Do you have any other shipping questions? Message me or email me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to get a shipping quote for you.


Important Info for UK and EU Backers:

I am unable to ship to the UK due to the new VAT laws.

By pledging to the $1 hold my place tier I will have rewards available to you on Esty once the campaign ends.

EU Backers will be responsible for any extra fees charged upon package arrival due to VAT fees. If you would prefer to order through Etsy where they will handle fees, please follow the UK directions above.



  • Mid-June to Mid-July  - Crowdfunding Runs
  • Late July- Backer Surveys are sent out and production begins
  • July-September - Pin Production
  • September - Grading and Packaging
  • Late September - Shipping of rewards

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