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Hoodiwinks -  Enamel Pin Collection

Hoodiwinks - Enamel Pin Collection

Introducing the 'Hoodiwinks' - adorable animals in disguise. Come join the fun to help turn these cuties into gorgeous hard enamel pins. With the chance to also unlock additional Hoodiwink characters along with extra goodies such as washi, stickers and more! Which Hoodiwink captures your heart?

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Hello and Welcome to my super sweet 'Hoodiwinks' enamel pin project. 

My name is Karen and I am the creative spark behind Lillbits. I have been designing, creating and doodling super cute characters since I could pick up a pen and scribble. Over the past 10 years I have been able to create and sell collections of lillbits including stickers sheets, stationery items, washi tapes, memo pads and more. You can find a collection of my goodies over on my Etsy store - LillbitsCreations or my new website: 

How does my pledge help?  
Manufacturing a brand new range of enamel pins includes:
  • working behind the scenes to create the initial design sketches and then the pin proofs 
  • paying for a mold fee as well as factoring in the cost per pin  
  • Shipping the completed pins to my Lillbits Studio here in the UK
  • Quality control checking and amending any designs if they are not of the expected standard/quality
  • And finally - packaging up all rewards and goodies ready to send to fabulous backers like you!
Interested in wanting to learn a little more about this process - feel free to watch my enamel pin vlog here:  How I make my pins

This is where your amazing support will help to bring these designs to life!


Let's Meet the Characters shall we?

There are 6 gorgeous Hoodiwink characters to unlock - along with a sweet lill Dragon called Toby - who is just happy being his usual dragon self.

🌼The first initial funding goal will unlock the Panda Lou Pin and the lill Toby Dragon designs. 

Panda Lou loves spending time in her Lill Bunny hoodie - and snuggling up with a good book, munching bamboo leaves.  Unlocks at £500.
Panda Lou pin - NOW UNLOCKED!,

🌼For those backers who think they just want a cute Lill Dragon to add to their collection - I am delighted to introduce Lill Toby the dragon. He is just the sweetest little creature who spends his days catching butterflies,  trying to catch his fiery breath and climbing rocks.
Unlocks at £500.

Lill Toby dragon pin - NOW UNLOCKED!!

There are more Hoodiwink designs to unlock.

Froggie Bear - NOW UNLOCKED!!

🌼 Froggie Bear - a gorgeous lill bear who loves splashing about in the puddles in his own Lill Froggie disguise hoodie and coat. Lots of lovely screen printing detail on this design which also comes with a super cute backing card. Unlocks at £700.


As part of one of the stretch goals…a Freebie pin will unlock with the 3rd Froggie Bear pin.

Introducing Lill Dino Penguin. Free for all backers once we reach the £700 mark. A Lill thank you from me to you for supporting this project.

Sonny the Slothy Fox Pin

A Lill cheeky chap who just loves chilling out in his Lill Fox hoodie.
 Unlocks at the backer goal of 20 backers
Choose him as one of your pin options to go with your reward or add him on using the extra pin option. 
Super cute don’t you think!? 
Sonny the Slothy Fox pin - UNLOCKED!!

Bee -A- Deer pin


🌼 Even deers need their own Hoodiwink disguises. Introducing the charming Bee-A-Deer character.  This lill deer just loves buzzing around in his cute Bee hoodie hat and wearing his glittery little bee wings.  Something uniquely different to add to your growing pin collection. :) Unlocks at £800.

Introducing a Newly Revealed Hoodiwink…

Koala Moo - NOW UNLOCKED!!

A super sweet Lill Koala Moo design has recently popped up out of the Meadows to join the collection.
He loves munching on Gum leaves and wrapping up warm in his Lill Moo Cow hoodie.
Available as part of your reward collection or as an extra pin in the Add on section.
Unlocks along with the Bee-A-Deer pin at £800. 

🌼 The final character to unlock  is the super cute Bunny Mouse.

Bunny Mouse pin - NOW UNLOCKED!!

🌼 A gorgeous Lill Hoodiwink bunny called Lily - who believes in her heart of hearts she is really a mouse!! Will have extra glitter features and screen printing detail to make this super cute Hoodiwink come to life as she hops into your collection. NOW UNLOCKED!!

If we manage to unlock all the Hoodiwink designs - there are even more characters waiting in the woodlands to be revealed.
Your support will help bring not only these characters but also keep the future of the Hoodiwink family alive. :)


To celebrate the unlocking of Lill Toby and the Hoodiwinks pins…a final stretch goal Backer pin will be unlocked at the stretch goal of £1,001 or 24 backers…whichever comes first. A lillbits thank you from me to you.

Introducing Kitty Kat.
Kitty Kat Freebie Pin for all backers - UNLOCKED!!

A Lill kitty who just wants to grow up to be a ‘Kat’. She loves snuggling up with the other hoodiwinks and snoozing in the Meadow. Kitty Kat and Lill Toby are often found getting up to mischief. ☺️

And as a backer pin you will help me decide on the final pin size, extra features and of course if you would like her as a Freebie!,?… meow!

The Collectible Shroom Pin

Each of the lillbits projects going forward will feature a collectible lill shroom themed enamel pin.

🍄 Lill Woodland Shroom is a quirky, lovable little chap who is delighted to join the Hoodiwinks characters. 

🍄 Now available at an exclusive discounted price of £6 - in the add on section. What do you think of this cutie?


🌼We all love some gorgeous additional add ons to top up our rewards.  
Here is a selection of the products and goodies available as part of this project.  Simply add them to your chosen pledge tier.

Minis Sticker Sheets - £1 each

Featuring a selection of the Hoodiwinks Characters and the lill dragon - these 3.2 x 3.2 inch minis stickers are a perfect size to gift to friends and family or slot into your own planners, journals or growing sticker collection. Printed onto premium quality matt vinyl paper.

Washi Tapes - £2 each

There are 4 gorgeous washi tape designs to choose from. Each design is a lovely 2cm width x 10 m length making it perfect for sealing happy mail and adding to journals. Offered as part of this campaign at a super cheeky discounted price too.
If we manage to unlock all the pins an additional design will be created to match some of the new Hoodiwink characters too.

Memo Pads - £6/£5/£4 each

Offered at a super discounted price. Choose from a selection of 3 designs  -
  • A5 Lill Planner Dragon Memo Pad 
  • A super sweet DL style  Lill Toby Dragon To Do List pad
  • An A6 memo pad featuring lill Bunny Mouse 

Additional Pins - £9

A lovely chance to top up your chosen reward/pledge tier with an extra pin or 2. 

🌼**BONUS FEATURED ADD ONS  AVAILABLE - offered after choosing your pledge.


All shipping fees are charged after the campaign ends.

As part of the survey sent out you will be asked to provide your shipping details and pay any additional fees owing.

Here is an approximate price guide to help you plan for any additional shipping costs.  Prices are shown in £ sterling and will depend on the conversion rate at the time of dispatch - this may mean a very slight adjustment to the prices shown below.

*All rewards will be sent with the standard rate shown - unless backers opt to choose the 'with tracking' option as part of their survey.


The following estimates are a guide for the Time Frames behind this Project.

Risks and challenges are associated with delays in the manufacturing process and shipping.

For this reason I have over estimated the time frame for dispatching your rewards.

I always aim to keep backers updated throughout and after the campaign. Of course, you can also message me at any time. Thanks so much for taking the time to support my lill Hoodiwinks project.  💝


Thank you so much for taking the time to explore  my Lill Hoodiwinks project.

Your support is greatly appreciated as without amazing people like you these characters would not be brought to life into the enamel pin world.

As an extra thank you for supporting my project - and taking the time to read to the end - message me with the word 'minis' over on my instagram account  - @LillbitsCreations and I will include 2 random minis sticker sheets from the lillbits store with your reward. Sharing this campaign will also help us to reach each of the unlocking goals sooner too!! :)

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